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Ayam Cemani Chick Pet Quality

Ayam Cemani Chick Pet Quality

Ayam Cemani is probably one of the sought after breeds and one of the most expensive. These category of Ayam Cemani day old chicks, labeled "pet quality" are showing signs of  lack of depth of fibromelanosis. They may have white toe nails or a toe that is white , or a pink mouth and tongue. Ayam Cemani is a high cull breed and even the best of parents may produce culls. These should not be used as breeders for pure Cemani but they are great if you would just like to look at stunning black chickens in your yard. 

* This breed lays in cycles and only lays about 80 to 100 eggs per year, so please be prepared to wait longer then expected. ( it all depends on the birds)


    availability depends on the hens laying cycle
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