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Ayam Cemani chick

Ayam Cemani chick

These chicks have no visible cull traits at hatch. The Ayam Cemani breed is incredibly beautiful and captivating , but it is difficult to perfect. I have been working on them for only 2 years and have a vision of where I would like to take my breeding program. I will offer a limited amount of chicks for sale that do not present any visible lack of fibromelanosis at hatch. these will have a gray or dark dark gray to black mouth and have a grey tongue as well as all black toes and nails( a clear nail with a black quick is acceptable ). If chicks are born with visible defects such as white toes or clear nails with a white quick and are not marked as culls right away , these defects may dissappear as the bird gets older. Fibro usually deepens as they grow and preaches it's peak and then fades a little as they grow older. This is why it is extremely important to check the chicks thoroughly at hatch.

    availability depends on the hens laying cycle
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